Lorenzo Pingitore was born in Torino in 1985, he attends the Art Institute Felice Faccio, where he explores his passion for the great artists. He continues his studies in the Politecnico of Turin, graduating in "Scienza dell'Architettura e dell'Ingegneria Edile".

Lorenzo uses the photography as a way of expression; he refines his tecnique during a long collaboration in the backstages for several fashion brands, a collaboration that still exhists.

The skills acquired will allow Lorenzo to express himself creatively.
Through the use of a camera he captures images that evoke emotions and thoughts; he is not a lover of photographic manipulation through programs, in fact he creates installations to recreate what he thought and felt while visiting those places.


2017 - Appuntamento al Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli e alla Fortezza Vecchia di Livorno dal 24 giugno al 15 luglio.

Premio Combact Prize

Ecco la lista degli 80 artisti finalisti della ottava edizione del PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE Selezioni effettuate da: Walter Guadagnini (direttore CAMERA, Torino, curatore Festival Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia), Stefano Taddei (critico e curatore indipendente), Lorenzo Bruni (critico e curatore indipendente), Lorenzo Balbi (curatore Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino), Francesca Baboni (critico e curatore indipendente), Elio Grazioli (critico e docente di storia dell’arte contemporanea e della fotografia, curatore Festival Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia), Andrea Bruciati (direttore Villa d'Este e Villa Adriana).
ELENCO ARTISTI FINALISTI SEZIONE FOTOGRAFIA Alessandro Calabrese, Valentina De Rosa, Alessio Deluca, Deva, Anna Di Prospero, Marco Groppi, Gio, Hiroshi Kawazumi, Mayor, Anna Messere, Giovanni Pasotti, Lorenzo Pingitore, Andrea Santese, Karin Schmuck, Alberto Sinigaglia, Jacopo Valentini.

Premio Combact Prize
Premio Combact Prize Premio Combact Prize Premio Combact Prize Premio Combact Prize

2017 - Exhibition - Proporzioni - Venice Biennale Opening Week Chiesetta della Misericordia, Campo dell’Abbazia, Venezia.

Proporzioni Proporzioni

During the Venice Biennale Opening Week, the online art marketplace Kooness.com is delighted to present: “Proporzioni”, a project by the young talented Italian artist Lorenzo Pingitore (b. 1985, Turin), curated by Carola Cometto, on Monday May the 8th, 2017. A large floating sphere is the protagonist of the installation placed within the Church of the Abbey of Misericordia, an intimate and elegant location in the heart of Venice. Founded in the 10th century, the Church of the Abbey of Misericordia is located in the Sestiere Cannaregio, and faced the elegant Campo de l’Abbazia, a typical Venetian campiello with a central well. The floating sphere stands above the Abbey’s vault as well as the surrounding space, by changing the perception of the audience, which is moved by this large-proportions moon. Under the sphere, broken mirrors reflect the round figure while breaking up its shapes, as within a rough sea. Like the sphere dictates the proportions of the sky represented by the roof of the church, mirrors also impose their shapes on the plan of the Abbey; mirrors change volumes and reflect the walls as if they create a new space. Mirrors, though broken, are tidily arranged to form a rectangle that occupies much of the plant, imposing and bringing the spectator into a path around it, with new glimpses of architecture and installation.

Proporzioni Proporzioni
Proporzioni Proporzioni Proporzioni Proporzioni

2016 - Fabbrica di Fiammiferi


skyArte "Calendario dell'arte lunedì 5 dicembre 2016"

Fabbrica di Fiammiferi
Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Fabbrica di Fiammiferi

2016 - Exhibition - ART PRIZE
Art Salon S Gallery, Praga.

Exhibition of the ART PRIZE from the 15th January to the 14th February. The operas are exposed at the Art Salon S Gallery, inside the Dancing House of Frank Gehry, and at the NoD Gallery in Prague; will then continue at the Italian Cultural Institute of Prague.


A great success for the third edition of the Art Prize CBM which took place between Rivarolo, Turin, Prague and London, with the participation of 1,174 artists from 46 countries of the world. At the award ceremony on Saturday 17 October 2015 we were honored by artists coming from Colombia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, China, Belarus and Italy, authors of works of high quality and innovative artistic research.

Finalists under 30:
Lorenzo Pingitore (Italia), Giacomo Montanelli (Italia), Anna Krieps (Lussemburgo), Caterina Voltolini (Italia), Mattia Novello (Italia), Amor Herrera (Colombia) - menzione speciale di Exibart, Dani Gherca (Romania), Benedetta Ristori (Italia), Korin Abisdris (Israele), Rachel Monosov (Israele), Taja Spasskova (Bielorussia), Zuzana Pernicová (Repubblica Ceca), Gevis Lekiqi (Albania) - menzione speciale SMALL ZINE, Maddalena Alvi (Italia), Simone Mangione (Italia), Fabio Ranzolin (Italia), Rocco Andrea Nolè (Italia), Anna Skoromnaya (Bielorussia), Martin Opl (Repubblica Ceca)

2015 - Exhibition
SPACE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE LIMITS - Christine Park Gallery, London.

Art Prize CBM 2016: London, Prague, Turin organised by Areacreativa42 in collaboration with the Christine Park Gallery. 

Hendrik Braet, Giacomo Montanelli, Lorenzo Pignitore, Zdenek Trs, Jian Zhou

2 December – 19 December 2015

Christine Park Gallery is pleased to participate in the third edition of the Art Prize CBM – Premio Carlo Bonatto Minella. Taking place between London, Prague and Turin the prize aims to foster cultural exchange and promote the work of emerging artists. This year the prize received over one thousand applications from forty-six different countries. Christine Park Gallery will present a group exhibition featuring a selection of works by five Art Prize CBM finalists, including the under 30 and over 30 winners, Jian Zhou and Zdenek Trs. The works have been selected to demonstrate the extraordinary diversity of entrants and high quality of artistic research exhibited.

2014 - Exhibition PHOTOGRAPHY NOW.
The Brick Lane Gallery, London

“In Photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality” Alfred Stieglitz

The Brick Lane Gallery is proud to invite you to our Autumn PHOTOGRAPHY NOW exhibition. Featuring a selection of local and international talented photographers, who represent the unlimited creative possibilities within this medium.
This group of artists share their inspiration and creative process to invite you to observe, feel and experience different realities, from the classic romanticized black and white views of Venice by Francesco Marchetti, the alluring and seductive photographs by Igor Zeiger exploring the human soul and body, the detailed installations created and photographed by Lorenzo Pingitore and the freeing underwater representations by Mallory Morrison, inviting us to accept the unknown. We welcome you to discover new ways of seeing through their artworks.

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